About our Company

Consumers around the world enjoy walking our Nude's® Rope Sandals, our original style 01 has remained the most liked by kids, young people and grown ups during almost 30 years!

Our company began with 9 employees in Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, in 1982. Today we are a solid company with 250 employees, we manufacture and sell our products in many countries around the world like USA, Brasil, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Italia, Inglaterra, Israel, Alemania, Africa, among others.


In the beginning, our company was a small retailed store in which we manufactured "mocasines," a footwear of a single very flexible piece and with a closed shovel.

It was in a trip to the Taraumara Mountain in Chihuahua, Mexico, in the Easter of April, 1982 when in one of my strolls through a small town called "Creel", when arriving at a small commercial place, some tourists were taking

photographs with 3 Tarahumaras Indians, I observed the astonishment of the tourists when seeing the type of footwear of 2 of these Indians.
One of them used a sandal made with a tire sole which was maintained on his feet with an interlaced "Ixtle" rope (textile fiber used in Mexico from the time of Mesoamérica. It comes from the maguey). The other Indian used rabbit skin with small holes in which they interlaced rope of ixtle to hold them to his feet.


I could not stop thinking the idea to create a sandal made only with interlaced rope. When I arrived to my home city, I realised the first style of sandals made with polypropylene rope, the "01" in a single Beige color, being this a total success in the USA! After that my clients began to request different colors and different styles.

A percentage of the utility of MON-SANDALS is donated to the Tarahumara indian community from Chihuahua.

Main Office:
Plan de Guadalupe #3344
Building No.2
Cd. Juárez, Chih., México
Phone: (52+656) 197.1865
Phone 2: (52+656) 374.0452

USA Office:
1839 Karl Wyler
El Paso, TX. 79936

Factory 1:
Small Town
Benito Juárez
Chihuahua, México

Factory 2:
Small Town
Villa Ahumada
Chihuahua, México



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